How to Submit Papers via e-mail

• When you have finished editing and proofing your paper and would otherwise be ready to print it out and turn it in:

* Save your finished document as a .doc, .rtf, or .odt file.

*** Note: Other file types may no be readable and could result in a diminished grade.
*** Note: Do not send links to Google Docs, Drop Box, or other files on the cloud.

* Make sure that your surname is in the file name you give your document.

* From your Panther e-mail, attach the file and send it to; Send a "cc" to yourself.

* Send ONLY ONE COPY of your e-mail by the deadline stated on the assignment sheet.  If you have cc'd it to yourself, you will receive a copy so that you know it went through.  SAVE YOUR COPY in case the Chaffey server shunts your e-mail into the electronic twilight zone.
• When Jon receives your e-mail, he will send a confirmation notice to you.

* Papers submitted electronically will receive electronic replies.

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Last updated 10/18/2017