Performance Review


The performance review (twenty-five percent of the course grade) call for students to evaluate a professional, live theater production.

Note: "Evaluate" means "to judge the quality and/or value of." Reviews evaluate both strengths and weaknesses, and base their theses on those strengths and weaknesses rather than on matters of taste (i.e., "I liked it" or "I didn't like it").

Students should see a live theater production and read the corresponding play.  Performances may be evaluated on any of numerous criteria--staging and effects, scenery and setting, acting, costuming, music (if any), adherence to the text of the play, meaningfulness of adaptation, and so on.

The review should be approximately 2000 words in length and must be double-spaced and word processed.  For other format issues, please consult any source that shows 2017 Modern Language Association [MLA] guidelines.

Each review will be evaluated on the quality of thesis and supporting argument, on use and MLA-style integration of relevant and reliable textual support, and on the quality of written expression.

Two interim reports (worth five percent of the course grade each) will serve as progress checks.  The first report will be written in anticipation of (i.e., before) the student sees the live performance, the second immediately after the performance; details of the interim reports will be discussed in class.

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  Updated 1/2/18